Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode 009: Nonprofit and board life stages

My guest for this episode is Mike Burns. Mike began his career as an executive director of a community health center and now has over 20 years’ experience as a nonprofit manager. Since 1994 Mike has been an organizational development consultant and partner in BWB Solutions. Since 2017 Mike has been faculty in the University of New Haven’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. Mike’s consulting…

Episode 008: Addressing staff or board member conflicts of interest

This is a bonus episode – a moment with Mary. In this episode, Mary talks about how conflicts of interest come up in nonprofits – both with staff and board members and what to consider when addressing them.

Episode 007: An executive director’s view of the board’s value

Today’s guest is Suzanne St. John-Crane. Suzanne is the CEO of the American Leadership Forum which joins and strengthens diverse, cross-sector leaders to serve the common good. Suzanne has worked in community media for 24 years and has founded two community television stations. She has been an executive director for over 18 years. Suzanne has received over a dozen regional and national awards for…

Episode 006: Advocacy for nonprofit leaders

My guest today for this episode is Patricia Gardner. Patricia is the CEO of the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, known as SVCN, a nonprofit membership organization. Patricia has led the SVCN since 2001 after being a nonprofit executive manager for over 20 years. Patricia has won numerous awards and is recognized throughout the state of California as a leader in nonprofit advocacy and public p…

Episode 005: The 5 ways your board really matters

This is one of our bonus episodes – a moment with Mary. In this episode, Mary talks about why boards matter and how board members, when they are fully realizing their potential, make a real difference for the nonprofits they serve. Mary shares her personal experiences with her own Boards when she was an executive director and the lessons she learned. As a CEO, working with a new board she experien…

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