Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode 053: Former foundation CEO shares wisdom and experience

My guest for this episode is Rick Williams. Rick is the former CEO of the Sobrato Family Foundation,(SFF) one of Silicon Valley’s largest philanthropic organizations, with annual charitable investments in excess of $40 million. Prior to joining SFF, Rick founded and was President of Realize Consulting Group, a management consulting firm focused on creating effective and sustainable solutions for p…

Episode 052: How and why to have a bold impact metric

My guest for this episode is Aila Malik. Aila is an experienced leader who collaborates with venture-ready organizations to re-imagine their places within the education, correction, and community-based organization sectors. She specializes in launches, expansions, process design and implementation, and development coaching for high-performing executives. Aila has dedicated over 20 years to support…

Episode 051: Have a board executive committee or not?

This is one of our bonus episodes – a moment with me. At one of my workshops recently, a board member asked how to increase the engagement of her fellow board members. I asked her to say more about what their disengagement looked like. She described poor attendance and lack of participation of those who do attend. There can be a lot of reasons for this, but I asked: Do you have an active board exe…

Episode 050: Communication Planning for Nonprofits

My guest for this episode is Caitlin Kerk. Caitlin is a writer and communications strategist who has been writing about health and social issues for more than 25 years. In that time, she has developed communications plans and messaging platforms, conducted media campaigns, and created content for a wide range of communication vehicles, including promotional materials, websites, blogs, public healt…

Episode 049: Using “improv” as a tool to improve working relationships

My guest for this episode is Andrea Hummel. Andrea is trained in multicultural diversity, mediation and trauma recovery. She holds a Masters in applied anthropology American University (Washington, DC) with additional studies in refugee affairs and linguistics. Andrea holds a Theory certification in TSM psychodrama for post-traumatic growth and presents at conferences both in the US and abroad. In…

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