Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode 016: Mindset: Limiting or Empowering?

My guest for this episode is Cindi Phallen. Cindi was a successful executive director for 18 years. Cindi is the author of “The Impact Triangle.” Cindi and I talk about mindset. How it influences nonprofit leaders by limiting or by empowering effective action.

Episode 15: Elements of Great Strategy

My guest for this episode is Sarah Olivieri. Sarah is a nonprofit strategist with 15 years experience in nonprofit leadership. Sarah and I discuss: What is strategy? What are the key elements of strategy? and more.

Episode 14: Evaluating the Executive Director

We all know that effective leadership requires clarity of expectations and feedback on an ongoing basis helping people know how they are doing. It is disconcerting that the anecdotal information is that many executive directors don’t get evaluated. Without a defined evaluation process, the executive director has no real structure in place for ongoing performance/professional development feedback.

Episode 013: Your Board’s Role in Fundraising

My guest for this episode is Ellen Bristol. Ellen founded Bristol Strategy Group in 1995 after a 20-year career in corporate sales. She quickly transitioned to the nonprofit sector, where she has become a thought leader in fundraising management and now has over 20 years experience. Ellen created the SMART Way™, a training and consulting solution that improves fundraising results and produc…

Episode 012: HR Mistakes Nonprofits Should Avoid

My guest today is Karen Mathews Radau. Karen is deeply experienced in human resources consulting, organizational development, and executive coaching. Many nonprofits are unable to have even part-time staff dedicated to human resources management. I know from my own experience how valuable it can be to have someone to call for consultation and reassurance you are making the right decisions. We disc…

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