Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode 109: Experienced Executive Shares Lessons in Confidence

Kelly Nagle has devoted her life to advocating for social justice and empowering others.  For over a decade, Kelly worked for some of the leading nonprofits in the country managing teams and organizations, advocating for health equity, building grassroots fundraising campaigns and implementing community health programs. Past positions include Executive Director with the March of Dimes, Vice Presid…

Episode 108: 3 Keys to a Flexible Nonprofit Workplace

My guest for this episode is Ms. Cami Hawkins. Cami is the CEO of Marathon Kids. She joined the organization in August, 2017. Prior to joining Marathon Kids, Cami spent more than 20 years in the healthcare industry with expertise in the areas of population health management, integrated delivery systems, payer strategies, healthcare strategic planning, medical group management and physician integra…

Episode 107: Assessing Nonprofit Management: Tools & Tips

My guest for this episode is Mickey Desai. Mickey produces the Nonprofit SnapCast podcast. With an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, almost two decades of business development experience and a résumé that touches IBM, TechBridge, and Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity, Mickey brings knowledge, understanding, and a unique perspective to every project. Mickey has a curiosity and sensitivity that st…

Episode 106: Are you missing out on Charitable Real Estate?

My guest today is Cami Baker. Known as the Charitable Real Estate Strategist, Cami has created Cause Marketing Campaigns for the largest real estate companies and nonprofits to come together to “Make Money and Make a Difference”. When she heard that there is a Secret Real Estate Niche that is funding nonprofits by the Billions every year, Cami got to work to come up with a WIN WIN WIN solution! As…

Episode 105: Recruiting a diverse workforce: one Executive’s experience

My guest today is Daniel Hodges. Daniel is the President & Co-founder of Peaces of Me Foundation, and a JD candidate attending University of Baltimore School of Law. Previously, Daniel volunteered in various roles, including teaching at his church. He also volunteered with the National Federation of the Blind. Daniel received his BA in educational studies from Western Governor’s University. Wh…

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