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Episode 031: 3 Board Orientation Mistakes

One of the biggest opportunities to ensure a nonprofit board realizes its full potential is in orienting new board members. But, orienting board members effectively isn’t easy. Nonprofits often make 3 mistakes when orienting board members.

Episode 030: Lonely at the top? Tips for coping.

Dr. Terrie Temkin and I explore tips for executive directors. We know first-hand how demanding that job is. Terrie has tips to help those of you out there who are executives stay sane and on top of things.

Episode 29: What’s up with nonprofit mergers and alliances?

I have two guests for this episode:  Luis Vergara and Bob Harrington. Luis brings over 20 years in program and nonprofit management. He was a Strategic Director at the national research and strategy firm Cheskin. He also served as executive director of Youth Radio, a Senior Policy Associate with Safe Passages, and has worked extensively in youth development and gang prevention. He joined La Piana…

Episode 028: Board chairs and board leaders: What do we know?

My guest for this episode is Mike Burns. Mike began his career as an executive director of a community health center and now has over 20 years’ experience as a nonprofit manager. Since 1994 Mike has been an organizational development consultant and partner in BWB Solutions. Since 2017 Mike has been faculty in the University of New Haven’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. Mike’s consulting…

Episode 27: Advisory Groups: Bane or Benefit?

This is one of our bonus episodes – a moment with Mary.  In this episode, Mary discusses Advisory Groups. She gives examples and shares the benefits you can reap from forming an Advisory Group. Mary also goes over the important steps to take to evaluate if an Advisory Group is right for your nonprofit and how to form one with success. Please sure to subscribe and, while you’re at it, rate and revi…

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