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Episode 034: Know your 3 legal duties?

This is a bonus episode with me. I have found that many board members have not been oriented to their 3 legal duties. These duties apply personally to anyone serving as a director of a corporation (nonprofit or for-profit) board. In this podcast I discuss not only the duties themselves but the implications for board members. Executive directors need to understand these duties too and be sure board…

Episode 33: Experiencing change

My guest for this episode is Emily Sterling. Emily Sterling has served as a strategic thought partner to thousands of innovative and influential philanthropists, community leaders, social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, boards, corporations, and governments for over 25 years. Emily is the Founder & CEO of Olive Grove Collective, a Silicon Valley based firm that works internationally. Emily and I talk a…

032: Giving, your funding model and your board

My guest for this episode is Gayle Gifford. Gayle earned the advanced fundraising credential, ACFRE, from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, in 2002. That’s a distinction held by only 100 or so fundraisers worldwide. She has an M.S. in organization and management from Antioch University New England and received my undergraduate degree in geography from Clark University. We tap into Gayl…

Episode 031: 3 Board Orientation Mistakes

One of the biggest opportunities to ensure a nonprofit board realizes its full potential is in orienting new board members. But, orienting board members effectively isn’t easy. Nonprofits often make 3 mistakes when orienting board members.

Episode 030: Lonely at the top? Tips for coping.

Dr. Terrie Temkin and I explore tips for executive directors. We know first-hand how demanding that job is. Terrie has tips to help those of you out there who are executives stay sane and on top of things.

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