How I Can Support You

You are leading a nonprofit because you care about making a difference.

You’re passionate about the needs your nonprofit addresses and the impact that you’re here to create.

Being a nonprofit executive director is a rewarding and significant job. But it’s also hard and at times can be lonely, stressful, and overwhelming.

Especially when your board isn’t working together, in alignment with your vision.

You want board members who:

  • Are ambassadors for your mission and engage others with it.
  • Attract resources and raise money
  • Clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Stay out of day-to-day involvement in operations (your job!)
  • Think and act strategically in partnership with you, and
  • Are committed to your success and support you in all the ways you need them to.

With over 40 years’ experience (including 26 as an executive), I understand your challenges and am committed to your success.

My gift is drawing on a deep understanding of people, leadership, board, and nonprofit dynamics to help you lead effectively with you board.

I take my clients through a simple and proven journey to achieve their goals.

1. Clarify

To effect change that truly strengthens your board, you need to be crystal clear about the source of the trouble. The challenge so many executives face is that the “problem” they think they have, more often than not, is a symptom of something going on at a deeper level.

 Our first step together is to help you clarify the cause of the challenge you’re experiencing with the board and envision what’s possible if that changes or improves.

2. Align

 One of the most common issues you, as a nonprofit executive, experience is board members not understanding the distinctions between their roles and yours.  This may be one, among other ways, your board members aren’t reaching their potential to advance the mission.

 I’ll help you align what you and your board members expect of each other and support you to work with them to fulfill those expectations and their potential for positive impact.

3. Lead

With so much already on your plate, it’s important to prioritize the changes you want to make or influence in your board. You do have a role in cultivating the board you envision!

 I’ll help you develop a board improvement plan and assist with strategies and tools to achieve the priorities and goals you set within it. You’ll be empowered to take effective action

 I’ve been in your shoes. You have unique concerns and issues to tackle, and you don’t have excess time and energy for tackling them. I’ve had an executive coach for years and I can attest to the fact that, with this kind of support and strategic advising, you can lead effectively with your board while saving time and energy.

 Whatever your goal is — changing your board, managing your own personal capacity, or something else—those three steps above apply. I’ll help you gain the tools and strategies you need to succeed with more confidence and energy.

Your Next Step

If you’d like my eyes on your unique situation, then I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges, and explore how I can best support you.

There are many ways I can help. The first step is to arrange a time to talk so I can learn more about you, your unique situation, and how I can best support you.

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me now:

What Clients Say

“Her coaching has helped me make better decisions day in and day out.”

“Mary brought experience and wisdom, meeting us where we were, resulting in building trust and confidence as we navigated our important work. She was especially adept at presenting options and steering me to make decisions based on asking the right questions. Her thoughtful, candid and “keep it simple” approach and her consistent asking: “Toward what end?” have been extremely helpful to me as Executive Director. Given all the hats I have to wear, Mary’s coaching has helped me make better decisions day in and day out. I highly recommend her to others.”

Jim Santucci

Executive Director, Kara

“It was a pleasure to work with Mary. She was attentive to my needs and she delivered.”

I’m new to the nonprofit world and have felt extremely challenged in my position of leadership in an organization I established. My understanding of nonprofits and my confidence has been significantly boosted by working with Mary. I now have clarity on the many aspects of running a nonprofit, such as raising funds, engaging the board, writing a strategic plan, and the priorities of a nonprofit leader. Mary helped me shift my attention to things that matter and get more grounded as the CEO. Thank you so much, Mary, for your diligence, expertise, and skilled support.

Diana Canant

CEO & Founder Ardicare Foundation, Kara