Meet Mary

You matter! As a nonprofit leader, you dedicate yourself to making a difference. What you do creates an impact.

Your job is important but it’s not easy. You work long hours and wish you had more resources to do all the things you want to do to strengthen and grow your nonprofit.

One of the most important resources you have is your board of directors. Or at least it can be.

But, with all the demands on your time and energy, how can you cultivate a great board realize that potential?

meet-maryI’m Mary Hiland. I deeply care about nonprofits and the well-being and effectiveness of people like you who lead them.

I have been involved with nonprofit organizations for over forty years. I began as a volunteer, helping people with mental illness with practical daily living. I went from volunteer to staff to executive director.

At the same time, I served on boards and went to graduate school. I was a single mom too, so let’s just say my plate was full.

I truly “grew up” in nonprofits. I started my executive career with 6 staff and a $100,000 budget. Fast forward several years. I led my nonprofit through two mergers, ultimately becoming the CEO of a mental health agency with 530 staff and a budget of $26 million.

I understand first-hand the challenges nonprofit executives face day after day. After 26 years as an executive, I’ve been consulting and coaching for twenty years. I see nonprofit leaders, like you, stretching and driving themselves every day.

I believe in proven practices – what we’ve learned works from research and experience – and applying those lessons in very practical ways to the challenges I know you face. You don’t want to waste time and resources “reinventing the wheel.”

My gift is drawing on an understanding of people, leadership, boards, and nonprofit dynamics to help executives tackle challenges and cultivate a great board.

I’m direct and to the point while being caring and supportive.

You can lead effectively with your board and facilitate the change you envision. That’s what I am dedicated to helping you create.

If you want to talk over what’s possible for you and your board, schedule a free consultation with me. Together we’ll clarify the challenges you’re experiencing and identify action steps that will help you in your journey cultivating a great board.

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What Clients Say

Mary is extremely supportive. . . an objective sounding board encouraging mission driven clarity and focus.

I am co-founder of a very small nonprofit. When I first reached out to Mary I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge and experience. She was extremely supportive, responsive, and an objective sounding board encouraging mission-driven clarity and focus. Mary shared tried and true tools, resources, and guidance in many areas relevant to an executive director. Mary’s outstanding experience and expertise, and her direct, professional approach, have helped me increase my understanding, knowledge, and most importantly my confidence as a leader.

Lisa McCarty

President, All Aboard for Kids