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Episode 226: What are Fundraising Staff’s Biggest Challenges?

My guest for this episode is James Goalder. With almost 20 years of experience working in nonprofit technology and sales and relationship management, James brings the perfect blend of experience for his role as Partnerships Manager at Bloomerang. In addition to his work experience, James volunteers with Project Grows, a community farm in Virginia, serving on the Board and on Volunteer Nights with…

Episode 225: 5 Leadership Development Strategies That Work

My guest for this episode is Dr. Patton McDowell. Patton has enjoyed a successful 30-year career in nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, and organizational development. Patton is the author of the best-selling book, Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership and host of the weekly podcast, also titled Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership. He founded PMA Nonprofit Leadership in 2009 and has coached and co…

Episode 224: 3 Components You Must Use When You Communicate & More

My guest for this episode is Salvatore Manzi. After receiving his degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas, Salvatore began working in Organizational Development, helping leaders at organizations like Deloitte, Genentech, and LinkedIn leverage communications to foster more collaborative, productive work environments. His leadership path began in following the footsteps of hi…

Episode 223: 99% of Nonprofits aren’t Tapping this Resource

My guest for this episode is Cami Baker. An entrepreneur since the age of eight, selling gum to other kids, and the loan sharking the profits at high interest while holding collateral…. this is just the beginning of our guests’ career with business strategy! Her success in real estate, from appearing twice on HGTV and being in the Top 5% of Realtors to all the hundreds of fundraising campaigns i…

Episode 222: What You’ll Want to Know About Messaging

My guest for this episode is Douglas Spencer. Douglas is president of Spencer Brenneman, which helps mission-driven organizations renew their focus and reframe their messages to thrive in any environment. A lifelong volunteer, including two years as chairman of a $100 million community health center and research institute, Douglas is intimately aware of the challenges facing mission-driven organiz…

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