My guest for this episode is Dr. Victoria Boyd. Dr. Boyd is the founder and President of The Philantrepreneur Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting other nonprofits with education, awareness, and resources.

As an author, trainer, and consultant, Dr. Boyd taps into her extensive background as an educator and nonprofit leader. Specializing in marketing systems and revenue stream development. Her nonprofit strategies create a unique synergy of purpose-driven goals to benefit corporate, nonprofit, and community interests.

Upon arriving in the Las Vegas Valley, she taught nonprofit management at UNLV and explored many opportunities. However, her entrepreneurial spirit emerged when she founded The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation (TPF), where her philosophy of philanthropy and entrepreneurialism is a two-way street. Now she helps businesses and nonprofits learn to leverage their assets.

Recognized internationally for her work, she stays abreast of current trends, developments, and strategies to help organizations and individuals reach their full potential as she designs services and educational opportunities to meet the specific needs of her audience.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What are the potential risks nonprofit organizations may face if they do not implement cybersecurity measures?
  • How can cybersecurity help protect the sensitive data and information that nonprofit organizations handle regularly?
  • What is the role of employees in protecting their organization from cyber threats, and how can they be trained and educated to do so effectively?
  • Who is responsible for protecting an organization from cyber threats?
  • What are the common external and internal threats that organizations face in terms of cybersecurity?

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