My guest for this episode is Christina Edwards. Christina is a marketing expert and coach who helps ambitious social impact businesses, and nonprofits increase revenue, supporters, and engagement. She is the Founder of Splendid Consulting and host of the Purpose and Profit Club Podcast.

Christina is a lifelong entrepreneur, marketing expert, and business coach who helps ambitious nonprofits grow without burnout. She’s passionate about equipping organizations to step into their expertise, be bold, and find their unique voice and audience online. Her packed workshops and courses spark enthusiasm, social action, and powerful results.

Specifically, her courses, Easy Emails for Impact and Amplify Social Impact, teach organizations how to get noticed and funded, creating a magnetic voice and brand. Christina also loves helping with the mindset side of things, from overcoming limiting beliefs challenges with mindset, including the common problem that many small nonprofit professionals experience – overwhelm and burnout!

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What common beliefs do nonprofit leaders hold that may keep them stuck?
  • How do mindset issues affect the ability of nonprofit leaders to make progress?
  • What are the factors that contribute to an organization becoming stuck?
  • How can leaders foster a growth mindset culture within their teams and organizations?
  •  How does burnout affect an individual’s ability to perform well at work?

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