My guest for this episode is Katherine Lacefield. Katherine is the founder and head consultant of Just BeCause Consulting. She brings a wealth of insight to the table from her 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

As the Coordinator and Communications Manager of PhiLab, Canada’s largest philanthropic grantmaking research lab, Katherine has been at the forefront of grantmaking research, particularly in the realms of social and environmental justice. Through her role, she has fostered invaluable relationships with grantmaking foundations, nonprofits, and philanthropy researchers worldwide. Her work has covered diverse aspects of philanthropy, including invisible causes, marginalized communities, environment and climate change, social inequalities, and indigenous relations.

With an academic background in environmental development, Katherine has deepened her understanding of the intricate connections between environmental and social issues. She has contributed thought-provoking articles on the limited funding of environmental and animal causes, shedding light on their intersection with broader societal challenges through renowned platforms like Alliance Magazine.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What does the term “non-human philanthropy” refer to?
  • How do societal attitudes and priorities impact the recognition of animals as a charitable cause?
  • How can biases and stereotypes influence the perception of the worthiness of different causes in philanthropy?
  • What approaches can these nonprofits use to actively engage people and encourage their involvement in supporting animal welfare?
  •  How can highlighting the interconnectedness between human and animal welfare contribute to changing perspectives?

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