This is a special and unique episode of Inspired Nonprofit Leadership. It’s my last episode as your host. Be sure to listen in to hear my full farewell and welcome your new host.

The first episode of Inspired Nonprofit Leadership was released on December 8th of 2018.

I created it to be a resource for nonprofit leaders like you. My goal was and has been to bring you interesting, relevant, and practical tips and strategies you can apply to the challenges you face every day. Today, almost five and a half years later, given the emails and reviews – the great feedback I’ve received, I know I’ve achieved my goal.

Over these years, I hope you’ve been able to hear how much I care about you and your success.

The experience of founding and hosting Inspired Nonprofit Leadership has been a true gift. I thank all my guests and you, the listeners, for making it possible.

Inspired Nonprofit Leadership is not going away. I’m confident it will remain an inspiring resource for you with the leadership of your new host, Sarah Olivieri. Sarah has the experience and expertise to carry on my legacy – hosting Inspired Nonprofit Leadership – making it even better!

Listen in to hear more from me and learn more about Sarah. Thank you!

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • Mary’s farewell and introduction of Sarah Olivieri.
  • Valuable insights or knowledge Mary acquired through the process of hosting a podcast.
  • Sarah’s concerns about hosting a podcast.
  • What aspects of Mary’s podcast hosting style resonated most with Sarah?
  • The primary motivations behind Mary’s decision to start consulting.

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