Here’s How I Can Help

Here’s How I Can Help You

You are leading a nonprofit because you care about making a difference.

You are passionate about the needs your nonprofit addresses and the impact that is possible from your work.

You and your nonprofit deserve a great board that is fully engaged and committed to advancing the mission. You know what you need and want from your board, but you understand there are many challenges to realizing the full potential of a board.

As an executive director you would love to have board members who:

  • make connections and ignite the involvement of others
  • attract resources and raise money
  • clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • stay out of day-to-day involvement in operations (your job!)
  • are your trusted advisors
  • think and act strategically in partnership with you, and
  • are committed to your success and support you in all the ways you need them to.

You can have a board that is fully engaged and effective.

You can create a strong partnership with your board.

You can be excited about your board and create positive momentum together.

And I can help you achieve that.

With my 40 years of experience with nonprofits (26 as an executive director) I see nonprofit leaders, like you, stretching and driving themselves every day. My gift is drawing on an understanding of people, leadership, boards, and nonprofit dynamics to tackle challenges and help you unleash the full potential of your board.

I recommend Mary to any executive director who wants a strong partnership with the board.

My Board and I sought out Mary for her expertise and understanding of nonprofit governance during a time when we needed to strengthen the relationship between the board and me. Mary’s communication skills and deep understanding of the board/executive relationship helped us bridge our communication gap and define boundaries and expectations. As a result of our work with Mary, I feel very supported by the board and we have a good process for negotiating and reviewing performance goals together. Mary’s work with us was excellent, valuable, and impactful. I recommend Mary to any executive director who wants a strong partnership with the board.

Kimberly Ferm

Executive Director, Pajaro Valley Shelter Services

Here are some of the results you can expect to achieve in working with me:

Board assessment. A good starting point is for you and the board to identify and focus on the areas the board needs or wants to improve. As a third party expert, I am uniquely positioned to help your board understand where it is strong, and where its performance may be falling short. I will then help you create a step by step plan to overcome those gaps.

Governance basics. I will help ensure your board has a solid foundation, knowing its appropriate roles and responsibilities, including legal duties. As a result, your board will understand the full scope of opportunities for making a real difference, without getting into operations (or micro-managing you.) Through our work together, your board will understand and take on its appropriate roles enthusiastically!

Building the board. One of the biggest challenges you face is finding and recruiting the right board members, and helping them become a cohesive and effective team. I have a proven system to address this common, but often problematic, task. I will work with you and your board to dispel common myths and help you learn a repeatable process that really works. Together, we will clarify the new board member characteristics that are a priority for you and implement effective strategies to find, inspire, and onboard the people you need and want.

Strong ED/board partnership. A board of trusted advisors who are committed to your success is possible. Building a high level of trust and mutual respect, with clear agreements and alignment around who is doing what, is critical for you as executive director and for the board. Whether it is strengthening relationships with individual board members, the board chair, or among the board as a team, our work together will enhance these important dynamics.

Nonprofit governance resources. The needs you and your board have are unique to your nonprofit. I have many tools and resources to help you with all aspects of creating a great board. From a new board member announcement template to a menu of strategic planning activities, given my expertise and years of experience I either have or can find just the right resource for you.

How Does This Work?

There are many ways we can do this work together. I will work with you and your board to customize an approach that is effective for you. You, your board, and your nonprofit are unique so you want an approach that is tailored to you!

Our work together might include:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring for you and/or your board chair.
  • Group coaching and mentoring for board members or board committees (e.g., Governance Committee).
  • Training session(s) and discussion at board meetings.
  • Designing and facilitating a board retreat.
  • Customized consulting.

Let’s Talk

The first step is to arrange a time to talk so I can learn more about you and your board and see how I can best support you. We’ll clarify the challenges you are facing, your goals for your board, and together, create an action plan to help you get where you want to go!

Click on the button below to apply for a free 30 minute consultation with me. Understand that this is an investment of my time and yours, so please only apply if you’re serious about getting the help you need to succeed.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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