If you’re a mother, Happy Mothers’ Day!

This time of year I reflect on my mother—not just how much I loved her and miss her now, but how I am like her and how she influenced me as a role model. This is a big topic of course!

But I’ve realized that she was a key reason I’m working in the nonprofit sector. I was blessed with a mom who was passionate about social service. Her gentle giving soul was obvious to everyone but, she was savvy and smart too—not to be dismissed as “just a softy” as many women were in her day.

Mom was gone as I was just starting out on my nonprofit journey. But she is with me and has been all along the way.

How about you? How has your mother influenced who you have become? Did she touch you in a special way that moved you to serve the way you do now?

I’d love to hear your story. Add a comment below!

Or email me (mary@hilandconsulting.org).

Bless all of you who are mothers! Have a wonderful Mothers’ Day.