My guest today is Connie Whitman. Connie helps ambitious business owners, leaders and sales teams build powerhouse organizations to achieve outrageous goals. An international speaker and influencer, Connie’s inspired teaching and transformational tools and content ensures businesses, and their salespeople, grow their revenue streams through enhanced internal and external communication skills while developing strong relationship-based cultures. 

Connie is the CEO of Whitman & Associates, LLC for the past two-decades. Her new book ESP – Easy Sales Process: 7-Steps to Sales Success, hit #1 International Best Seller.  As a radio show host, she is thrilled to share inspiring content on her weekly, international podcast Enlightenment of Change—a free resource for professionals looking to fast track their careers.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • Treating sales as helping, education, and building relationships with people. It’s all about care, love, and respect.
  • Igniting the fire of connecting with people to bring your movement forward.
  • The benefits of creating a system to be prepared to perform at your best each day. Scheduling the smallest of meetings might do you wonders!
  • Knowing the people you’re trying to connect with. It’s not all about your mission! You have to listen and pay attention.

You can see Connie on her website (, Facebook (, and LinkedIn (  Her email address is     

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