The guest for this episode is Mary Valloni.

Mary has over 17 years working with hundreds nonprofits. Former Development Director for the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association and Special Olympics, Mary has raised millions of dollars and spent countless hours in the field of development. In 2014, she started Mary Valloni Consulting to spread a message of hope and encouragement to nonprofit leaders and missionaries across the country as a fundraising consultant, author, and speaker.

Mary works with international, national, and community-based organizations, individual fundraisers and missionaries to help them develop fundraising strategies to generate revenue so they can impact the world with their missions.

Mary received her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communications with a minor in Religious Studies from Missouri State University. She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Geno, and their Dalmatians, Kota and Puck.

Based on her experience, Mary wrote her award-winning book, Fundraising  Freedom, in which she presents the 7 core strategies for long term fundraising success – her proven system.

In this episode, we tap into Mary’s extensive experience and expertise in fundraising – exploring the 7 steps she share in her book: Fundraising Freedom.

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