My guest today is Cami Baker. Known as the Charitable Real Estate Strategist, Cami has created Cause Marketing Campaigns for the largest real estate companies and nonprofits to come together to “Make Money and Make a Difference”. When she heard that there is a Secret Real Estate Niche that is funding nonprofits by the Billions every year, Cami got to work to come up with a WIN WIN WIN solution!

As an HGTV House Hunters veteran and Top 5% Realtor, Cami truly understands the real estate market and how important it is for the agents to get paid what they are worth. When you add her fundraising strategies with Make a Wish, Ronald McDonald House and hundreds other nonprofits you get a Certification Program that teaches Realtors how to FUND their nonprofit friends!

Real Estate is Hot, and Fundraising is not. Not since the pandemic anyway, and Cami is on a mission to have $1 Billion in real estate donations to nonprofits worldwide by 2025.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What is cause-related marketing, or in Cami’s words, purpose-driven marketing?
  • You don’t have to be Bill Gates for you to be able to give back.
  • The three elements that make charitable real estate work. How effective is it in the first place? Are there any risks involved?
  • The reality that nonprofits might be missing out on the opportunities of charitable real estate.
  • Reasons why people might want to donate real estate and where you can find them.
  • Why there is virtually no downside to taking advantage of this opportunity, even to the donors.

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