My guest for this episode is Julia Patrick. As the Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy, Julia sees the passion and dedication of service organizations daily. A multi-generational philanthropist, Board Member and volunteer, she has been involved with community service for as long as she can remember.

Julia has served on cultural, social service and educational Boards in addition to the more than 500 nonprofits she has worked with directly. During her Board work, despite all the good will and commitment to supporting nonprofits, she realized there was something missing. This led her to found the American Nonprofit Academy in 2014.

With many significant developmental milestones, by 2019 more than 100 courses were fully available through the American Nonprofit Academy’s innovative website portal. In 2020, driven by a desire to keep nonprofit leaders connected during the COVID-19 pandemic Julia created a national web series The Corona Chronicles.

This past year Julia realized that her daily show was gaining global traction and she re-branded it to The Nonprofit Show taking the audience past the crisis and into the future. Today, The Nonprofit Show can be seen live Monday thru Friday as well as streaming. Combined, her channels reach into 69 million homes in the United States.

Even with all that Julia continues to lead lectures, Board retreats and keynote speeches. She travels across the globe virtually spreading her messages of nonprofit success and advocacy with the mantra: When Nonprofits Succeed, We All Succeed.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • Facing the reality that the pandemic has been on for more than a year and that reinventing ourselves is crucial to success.
  • The organizations that took a step back to wait for things to return to “normal” now have difficulties trying to catch up.
  • The benefits of working from home that changed the dynamics of how we do business.
  • Leaders are the foundation of the organization. If you as a leader go down (financially, physically, and emotionally), everything else follows.


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