My guest for this episode is Shana Peete. Shana is currently the CEO of the Center for Excellence in Nonprofits based in the Bay Area in CA. Prior to joining CEN in 2019, Shana served as the founding executive director of Partners for Change of the Tri-Valley, an organization dedicated to offering individuals and families a hand up from poverty. She has a Bachelor of Science in international business and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. She practiced law for eight years prior to moving to the Bay Area and has professional experience that includes managing Excel Child Development Center, serving as a program coordinator for Read Aloud America, and managing a 30 person customer fulfillment team for Amazon.

In her spare time, she enjoys teaching the game of tennis to students of all ages and using her gift of communication—in English and Spanish—to bring people together. In light of COVID-19 and the social uprising in support of Black lives, Shana, a community activist, was tapped to serve as moderator for a three-city panel on Racial Inequity in City Government and Policing featuring nine government officials.

Shana currently serves on the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance’s board of directors.  Her passion is creating avenues for others who, like her, are members of groups historically excluded from board service in the nonprofit and for-profit worlds.  With a focus on IDEAL (inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and liberation), she consults with individuals and organizations similar to ensure their preparedness for this unprecedented level of openness and opportunity to learn and grow in greater partnership than ever before.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What is IDEAL?
  • What does IDEAL mean for nonprofit leaders?
  • How does this program help nonprofit leaders?
  • Why is there a need to reconcile your organizational values with your values?
  • Why is IDEAL important in a nonprofit organization?
  • How is this concept introduced to the board?
  • Why is organizational culture influential?
  • How do you embrace the challenges of a multigenerational workplace?

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