My guest for this episode is Joanne Oppelt. During Joanne Oppelt’s 30+ years working in the nonprofit arena, she has held positions from volunteer to executive director and turned consultant. Integrating fundraising with strategic planning, marketing, operations, and financial systems, she builds up organizational revenue streams, creating sustainable funding structures. She specializes in helping nonprofits improve their ROI and realize continuous net surpluses. She currently provides consulting services, multi-module online courses with private coaching, person-to-person fundraising advice, annual summits, virtual get-togethers, and weekly newsletters. Joanne is the author of six books and co-author of fourteen. She is a Certified Nonprofit Executive, Certified Development Executive, and Certified Nonprofit Consultant. She holds a master’s degree in health administration and a bachelor’s in education.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • How can you build a sustainable nonprofit organization?
  • What are the four key components in achieving financial stability?
  • How do you assess the financial condition of a nonprofit?
  • What is the difference between an endowment and an investment fund?

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