Hello nonprofit leaders and colleagues!

I am excited to share Hiland Consulting’s website and Mary’s Blog with you. These are resources that I hope you will find very useful, follow and refer to again and again.

Yes, I am writing a blog to and for YOU! My intention is to bring you practical tips, new resources you can use, intriguing insights, food for thought, and more. For many of you, our paths have crossed as you have worked to fulfill the promise of your contribution as a nonprofit leader – executive or board member – to a mission for which you are passionate.

This website is intended to be a rich resource for you as a nonprofit leader and especially for nonprofit board members. You will find my blog posts here, free resources you can download, and other information of value to nonprofit leaders. Take a look around the site.

As you know, I am committed to bringing you practical, as well as state-of-the art, information that develops and unleashes your potential and the potential of your board for powerful impact.

I ran across something that has me thinking about building nonprofit leaders’ impact. As you serve your nonprofit, you want to influence and you need your message to be heard. A recent Harvard Business Review article reports on research that found: “Before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you.”  (July-August 2013 issue) Can you think of ways to use this now?

Please share your ideas with me by replying below!