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You are leading a nonprofit because you care about making a difference.

You’re passionate about the needs your nonprofit addresses and the impact that is possible from your work.

You and your nonprofit deserve a great board that is fully engaged and committed to advancing the mission.

As an executive director you would love to have board members who:

  • Make connections and ignite the involvement of others
  • Attract resources and raise money
  • Clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Stay out of day-to-day involvement in operations (your job!)
  • Think and act strategically in partnership with you, and
  • Are committed to your success and support you in all the ways you need them to.

You can have a board that is fully engaged and effective.
You can create a strong partnership with your board.
You can be excited about your board and create positive momentum together.

And I can help you achieve that.

Here are some of the things I can support you with:

With over 40 years’ experience with nonprofits (26 as an executive director) I see nonprofit leaders, like you, stretching and driving themselves every day. My gift is drawing on an understanding of people, leadership, boards, and nonprofit dynamics to tackle challenges and help you unleash the full potential of your board.

I will work with you and your board to customize an approach that is effective for your. You, your board, and your nonprofit are unique, so you want an approach that is tailored to you!

Our work together might include one or more of the following services. We also offer programs to help your nonprofit.

Board Development

“Mary helped us implement a board development strategy that got real results.”

Mary helped us engage in a strategic discussion, resulting in a clear focus and action plan. She educated and supported us in implementing a board development strategy that got real results. We added four new board members and re-energized the board! Mary’s approach is straight forward and efficient. She has practical skills, knowledge and abundant resources to share. She is warm, personable, and knows when to listen and when to guide, bringing every board member into the process. I highly recommend Mary.

Susan Fuller

Board Chair, PlaneTree Health Library

Using a Board Assessment as the foundation, we will identify your priority areas for board development.

I will work with you and key board members to educate the Board in your priority areas and establish effective practices to strengthen board operations in those areas.

Some of the areas we may cover include: board member roles and responsibilities, building the board*, board/executive partnership, the board’s role in fundraising, succession planning, board leadership development, and executive performance evaluation.

Your Board will have the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources needed to confidently and effectively advance your mission in partnership with you.

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Board Retreats

“A wonderful facilitator and presenter.”

Mary was a wonderful facilitator and presenter. She made complex ideas of board work and governance easy to understand. Through our work with her we gained greater clarity of our board’s governance role and a more focused investment in community advocacy and leadership.

Ray Cancino

MPA, CEO, Community Bridges

A board retreat is a unique opportunity for your board to do focused work together and strengthen itself as a team. Board retreats have varied purposes. I add the most value when you want assistance with a retreat that will:

  • Inform and inspire your board—taking it to the next level, whatever that is for your nonprofit.
  • Revisit your strategic goals and develop a board action plan (within appropriate board roles) to support their achievement.
  • Go deeper in a targeted area of the board’s work (e.g., having strategies and an action plan for finding and recruiting new board members).

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Executive Coaching/Mentoring

“Mary’s coaching helped me make better decisions.”

Mary brought experience and wisdom, resulting in building trust and confidence as we navigated our work together. Her thoughtful, candid and “keep it simple” approach have been extremely helpful to me as Executive Director. Given all the hats I have to wear, Mary’s coaching has helped me make better decisions day in and day out. I highly recommend her to others.

Jim Santucci

Executive Director, Kara

Being a nonprofit executive director is a rewarding and significant job. But, it is also hard and at times can be lonely, stressful, and overwhelming. I know because I’ve been there. Sometimes you just need a good sounding board.

I’m here to help. and am committed to your success. Whatever your goal is — leading your team, working with your board, or managing your own personal capacity—I’ll help you gain the tools and strategies you need to succeed with more confidence and energy.

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There are many ways we can do this work together. I will work with you and your board to customize an approach that is effective for you. You, your board, and your nonprofit are unique so you want a solution that is tailored to you!

The first step is to arrange a time to talk so I can learn more about you and your board and see how I can best support you. We’ll clarify the challenges you are facing, your goals for your board, and together, create an action plan to help you get where you want to go!

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Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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