Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode 082: Are you in tune with the grant writing lifecycle?

My guest for this episode is Rachel Sacks. Rachel brings over a decade of experience in the public health and nonprofit health sector to her current consulting company: Leading Healthy Futures. Rachel’s work with organizations and stakeholders across the healthcare field has provided her with a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities the sector faces. Her prior work has included role…

Episode 081: 5 steps you need to take to be a courageous leader

My guest for this episode is Ryan Berman. Ryan is the founder of Courageous: a change company that develops Courage Brands™ and trains organizations to challenge norms, think bolder and take action on courageous ideas. Working with brands like Google, General Mills, Major League Baseball, PUMA, charity: water, Subway, and Caesars Entertainment, Ryan believes courage is a competitive advanta…

Episode 080: Save time and get a great result when hiring!

My guest for this episode is Kimmi Cantrell. Kimmi is an unrelenting optimist who is passionate about bringing love and light to the workplace. As Managing Director of Careers In Nonprofits, she spends her days connecting with nonprofit decision makers as well as job seekers, aiding both in finding solutions to their problems. Kimmi has made it her mission to educate and empower individuals to bui…

Episode 079: 3 strategies you need working with your board in a crisis

In this episode, Mary gives you three strategies you need to consider while working with your board (and even your team) during this challenging time of the pandemic and even many natural disasters. Times are different and our approaches to some nonprofit activities need to be different too. Mary has over 40 years experience in the nonprofit sector: 26 as an executive and 18 as a board member. She…

Episode 078: Are you missing key leadership qualities?

The guest for this episode is Paul Nazareth. Paul has been a leader in Canada’s philanthropic sector with over 20 years’ experience. Currently Vice President of Education& Development at the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, he’s also the founder of Connectworking – a skill building program for people of purpose. He was most recently VP at the charity CanadaHelps, has been a philanthropic…

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