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Episode 241: A Heartfelt and Special Message for you

This is a special and unique episode of Inspired Nonprofit Leadership. It’s my last episode as your host. Be sure to listen in to hear my full farewell and welcome your new host. The first episode of Inspired Nonprofit Leadership was released on December 8th of 2018. I created it to be a resource for nonprofit leaders like you. My goal was and has been to bring you interesting, relevant, and pract…

Episode 240: What New Nonprofit CEOs Need to Know and Do

My guest for this episode is Brian Quail. Brian is the founder and CEO of Quail Consulting, which focuses on guiding nonprofit CEOs and boards to achieve exceptional results. His nonprofit career spanned four decades, including twenty-five years serving as CEO of three affiliates of national organizations: Heart of Florida United Way, American Red Cross Louisville Area Chapter, and Boys & Girl…

Episode 239: Why You Should “Run It Like A Business”

My guest for this episode is Aubrey Bergauer. Aubrey is known for her results-driven, customer-centric, data-obsessed pursuit of changing the narrative for the performing arts. A “dynamic administrator” with a drive for innovation, she’s held offstage roles managing millions in revenue at major institutions, including the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, and…

Episode 238: Perhaps the most important leadership competency

In this episode, Mary discusses the tenth and final episode about the ten principles and practices for effective leadership. In it, Mary reveals her Trust Building Model and more. Mary has over 40 years experience in the nonprofit sector: 26 as an executive and 18 as a board member. She knows your day-to-day challenges first hand and brings experience and expertise to help you have the greatest po…

Episode 237: Non-human Philanthropy: What You Need to Know.

My guest for this episode is Katherine Lacefield. Katherine is the founder and head consultant of Just BeCause Consulting. She brings a wealth of insight to the table from her 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. As the Coordinator and Communications Manager of PhiLab, Canada’s largest philanthropic grantmaking research lab, Katherine has been at the forefront of grantmaking research, p…

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