Hiland Consulting helps nonprofit executives lead effectively with their boards and
cultivate the boards they dream of.

Here are some ways we can support you:


Nonprofit Leadership Circle

Being an Executive Director can be challenging and stressful. You don’t have to do this alone.


Imagine if you had:

    • A group of trusted peers to support your leadership journey.
    • Practical learning as you process the complex issues you face.
    • Supportive peers to validate you while holding you accountable as you grow professionally.
    • Opportunities to explore ideas and new approaches.

The Nonprofit Leadership Circle provides all that and more.

There’s a lot of power in coming together with your peers. In the Circle, up to twelve executive directors meet monthly in a virtual, facilitated group, to support and learn from each other. It renews every six months.

The support and camaraderie was unmatched.

“Being an Executive Director is a lonely job. You can’t share with your board, your staff, or your clients what you can share with someone else in the same position. This group is the opportunity to not only present your challenges, but to get the benefit of the
group’s shared wisdom and experience. The support and camaraderie are unmatched.”

Candace Roney

Executive Director, Santa Clara County Dental Society

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Board Assessment

To unleash the full potential of your board, you must know where the greatest opportunities and challenges lie.

As a third party expert, Hiland Consulting is uniquely positioned to help your board understand where it is strong, and where it needs to improve.

Our online Board Self-Assessment tool makes it quick and easy. We use a confidential survey to gather each board member’s experiences in the key areas of effective governance.

We also use a unique survey just for the CEO/Executive Director, providing your perspective on the board’s performance.

Plus, you’ll get a private consultation, so we can discuss the findings and how they’ll be used.

We also review this together with your board members so they’re empowered to take action right away.

The board assessment was very insightful.

The board assessment was very insightful. It sparked some great discussions. Items you shared, like the lack of social connections, I never would have guessed. That is something that really helps a board build trust and encourage engagement. It was well worth the time and effort.

Clark Morey

Board Chair, Marine Science Institute

Board assessment showed us where we’re aligned.

“Having a Board assessment showed us where we’re aligned and where we have opportunities for dialogue and improvement.”

Marie Bernard

Executive Director, Sunnyvale Community Services

Mary’s keen and careful Board assessment jumpstarted our board

“Mary’s keen and careful Board assessment jumpstarted our board in new important ways.”

Mindy Berkowitz,

Executive Director, Jewish Family Services Silicon Valley

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Board Recruitment Success

Recruiting the board members you need and want is essential for your success, and can be a significant challenge. What if you had a proven system that gives you an ongoing pipeline of just the right board members?

Board Recruitment Success is a proven system that gives you everything you need to find and recruit the perfect members for your board.

You’ll get an entire step-by-step training system accessible to anyone in your nonprofit.

Plus you’ll get the tools and templates you need so you save time and resources.

Board Recruitment Success is an integral part of our board development

“Board Recruitment Success is an eye-opener! So much should be considered in selecting board members. In the past, boards I have served on did not get good board members committed to our mission. Now we have the right steps and the strategies.”

Nancy Pang, Ed.D,

Board member, Amigos De Guadalupe

Board Orientation Success

You want board members who are committed to your mission and have the knowledge they need to be effective. Yet, as you know, it can be time consuming to orient new members.

You need to ensure every board member gets consistent and comprehensive information about roles and responsibilities, as well as opportunities for impact and contribution.

For this to happen, you need a good board orientation system in place, so your board members can fully contribute to your nonprofit from day one.

Board Orientation Success is a step-by-step training program providing a comprehensive view of all nonprofit governance entails.

It’s easy to consume, available 24/7, and accessible to all members of your nonprofit, so it doesn’t require any of your valuable time.

Board Orientation Success is an integral part of our board development

Board Orientation Success has been an incredibly valuable and affordable way for our Board of Directors to grow in its governance role. The fact that directors can move through it individually at their own pace, and when and how it’s convenient for them, is particularly helpful and also less expensive than in-person trainings. I’ve already seen new board members really benefit from the core guidance and understanding this program offers. Board Orientation Success is now an integral part of our board development tool kit.

Don Burgett

Executive Director, LifeLab