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Episode 019: Tips on board self-assessments

This is one of our bonus episodes – a moment with Mary.  In this episode, Mary shares some ideas about conducting a good board of directors’ self-assessment. If you want to have a board that is truly an asset and you know changes are needed, then the place to start is with Board assessment.

Episode 018: Strategic use of videos for your nonprofit

My guest for this episode is Stephanie Shaterian. Stephanie and I talk about the different ways videos can be used strategically by a nonprofit organization and she shares stories of clients she has worked with.

Episode 017: Nonprofit law leaders should know

My guest today is Lauren Cesare. Lauren has been practicing tax law in California for 34 years. The last 23 years Lauren has operated her own practice with an emphasis on tax exempt organizations (nonprofits) as well as limited liability companies. Lauren shares some key points of law that nonprofit leaders need to know.

Episode 016: Mindset: Limiting or Empowering?

My guest for this episode is Cindi Phallen. Cindi was a successful executive director for 18 years. Cindi is the author of “The Impact Triangle.” Cindi and I talk about mindset. How it influences nonprofit leaders by limiting or by empowering effective action.

Episode 15: Elements of Great Strategy

My guest for this episode is Sarah Olivieri. Sarah is a nonprofit strategist with 15 years experience in nonprofit leadership. Sarah and I discuss: What is strategy? What are the key elements of strategy? and more.

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