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Episode 138: Listen to this before you gather stakeholder input!

This week Mary shares tips you need to keep in mind whenever you are gathering input from stakeholders – whether that’s when you’re in a strategic planning process or for some other reason. And Mary has a gift for you: free training: 3 Mistakes Nonprofit Leaders Make Orienting Board Members and how to avoid them- just click on that to get it. Mary’s book is now available on Amazon or wherever book…

Episode 137: Insights You Need About Housing & Landlords for Your Nonprofit

My guest today is Justin Pogue. Justin is an award-winning author and real estate consultant. His book, Rental Secrets, has already helped so many people around the country. FOX News, The Mercury News, SFGate,, and have all featured his insights for the benefit of their audiences. Since 2003, he has developed and managed apartments, rental homes, and student housin…

Episode 136: To Dos for Digital Marketing Success

My guest today is Chris Barlow. Chris is the Founder and Customer Happiness Director of Beeline, has been working with nonprofits for over five years, and masterfully puts his youngest boys down for a nap every day. Expecting to work in a humanitarian-focused career or ministry when he grew up, he was surprised to discover a passion for business after college. In 2015, he came full circle and star…

Episode 135: Be Creative! Tell your Nonprofit’s Story with Financials

My guest for this episode is Stephanie Skryzowski. Stephanie is a visionary Chief Financial Officer that helps purpose-driven leaders better understand and use their numbers to make smart decisions to grow their bottom line and their impact. She is the Founder & CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting which provides CFO and bookkeeping services to mission-centered businesses and nonprofits around the gl…

Episode 134: Program Evaluation is a Must — Make It Practical and Usable

My guest today is Chari Smith. Chari believes evaluation should be accessible, practical and usable. She founded Evaluation into Action to help nonprofit professionals create realistic and meaningful program evaluation processes. She has taught several workshops helping nonprofit professionals understand the value and use of program evaluation. Recently, she was the opening keynote speaker at the…

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