Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Episode: 067: An experienced Interim Executive shares tips for success

My guest for this episode is Jane Garthson. Jane has operated her consulting firm since 1992 from Toronto, Canada, serving Canadian charities, NGOs, professional and industry associations and government agencies, providing a whole array of services relevant for nonprofit leaders of all kinds. Before that, Jane was a senior manager in six ministries of the Ontario government. Jane is dedicated to c…

Episode 066: What’s your story? Two key elements of a good story.

My guest for this episode is Lynn Sanders. Lynn is a Story Empowerment Expert and Founder of Difference Makers Media, with a mission to help cause-driven entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and nonprofit leaders tell their stories effectively to build their impact, make a difference and grow their revenue.  Lynn has worked with nonprofit organizations for 20 years as a publicity and marketing consult…

Episode 064: The role of education for nonprofit leaders and sustainability

My guest for this episode is Dr. Victoria Boyd. Dr. Boyd is President and Founder of The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation and has been a driving force in education and non-profit arenas as an author, trainer, administrator and advocate throughout the country. Dr. Boyd recognized early that her passion was educating others and had an extensive career teaching dance for 28 years experiencing extr…

Episode 065: Four types of board/executive director interactions

This is a bonus episode–a moment with Mary. In this episode I share some of what I learned when I studied the board chair/executive director relationship. When executive directors and their board chairs (and board members for that matter) interact on a 1:1 basis, what’s really going on? I found there were four different types of interactions. They were sharing facts, ideas, knowledge, or feelings…

Episode 063: What is the Fascinate® Assessment? How can it help you?

My guest for this episode is Pastor Kathleen Panning. Kathleen earned her Master of Divinity Degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  She was ordained as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1980. She has served congregations in rural and urban settings, ranging in size from 150 – 6000+ members. Kathleen has trained as a mentor and coach and supervised seminary students f…

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