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Episode 158: What is IDEAL and How Can You Get Started?

My guest for this episode is Shana Peete. Shana is currently the CEO of the Center for Excellence in Nonprofits based in the Bay Area in CA. Prior to joining CEN in 2019, Shana served as the founding executive director of Partners for Change of the Tri-Valley, an organization dedicated to offering individuals and families a hand up from poverty. She has a Bachelor of Science in international busin…

Episode 157: Four leadership functions your board needs

In this episode Mary shares the four leadership functions that are critical to optimal board functioning. You will want to assess your current board to see if all of these are embodied in the members or at least enough of them. Mary has over 40 years experience in the nonprofit sector: 26 as an executive and 18 as a board member. She knows your day-to-day challenges first hand and brings experienc…

Episode 156: Succeeding or Working with a Founder – Lessons Learned

My guest for this episode is Dr. Vera Packard. Vera was a medical doctor in Brazil for 20 years. After coming to the US, she started her second career as a nonprofit executive director. Vera was the ED of HERS Breast Cancer Foundation and then the COO of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. She’ll be sharing her lessons learned with all of us today. Vera describes herself as a student of life and a warr…


My guest for this episode is Ann Latham. Ann is the author of THE POWER OF CLARITY and THE CLARITY PAPERS. You might assume she is obsessed with clarity, and she is. Before quitting her corporate job to start her own consulting business, she asked numerous colleagues what it was that she did exceptionally well that was most uncommon. The responses all pointed to the same thing, and she named her c…

Episode 154: A Story About Creating a Nonprofit

My guest for this episode is Theresa Cariño. Theresa is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Salud y Cariño, a local non-profit whose programs inspire girls to be confident, resilient, and healthy in all ways.  This includes their social-emotional well-being, physical development, power over their own bodies, and the resources to make healthy and informed decisions in middle school and beyond….

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