My guest for this episode is Sherry Quam Taylor. Sherry works with business-minded Nonprofit CEOs who want to scale their organizations’ budgets by 2-5X but need larger amounts of general-operating revenue to do so. The organizations Sherry works with want to reduce dependence on government, earned, or contracted revenue and increase unrestricted revenue from investment-level donors.

To achieve this, Sherry helps leaders align their organization’s charitable revenue initiatives with their business, programmatic, and strategic growth opportunities. This is the step that most skips! It ensures the funding challenges are solved at the root of the issue and attracts investment-level donors that get this!

As a result of learning her methodology, Sherry’s clients know how to fund their Strategic Plans and add 7 figures of general operating revenue to their bottom line. But, mostly, her CEOs can confidently know their development departments and board have transformed into high-return on investment revenue generators and broken free from the limitations of transactional fundraising.

Sherry attributes the success of her business to her passion for modeling radical confidence to the future CEOs in her house – her two teenage daughters.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What does give and get mean in nonprofit?
  • How can you motivate people to donate?
  • What are the factors affecting an organization’s funding?
  • Why should organizations get rid of the give-and-get policy?
  •  What is blocking organizational growth?

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