My guest for this episode is Mark Buzan. Mark has close to 2 decades of experience as a Director of Communications, Government Relations, Marketing, and Business Development as well as a consultant to nonprofits and associations.

Ultimately these roles lead to his becoming an Executive Director and President and CEO of three national associations. Mark has served as a board director, most recently as a board director for the Virtues Project International Association (VPIA). He understands both the perspective of executive directors and that of board directors.

Directing strategic plan initiatives, strategy and business operation plans, governance policies, and annual budgets, Mark has surpassed organizational goals and optimized organizational effectiveness for nonprofits and associations everywhere.

He has earned a solid reputation for the building, management, and promotion of member programs to increase the bottom line by improving member services and benefits. A passionate student for understanding why people step up to the role of a board of a nonprofit and what makes for a truly effective board experience, Mark has interviewed hundreds of volunteer leaders who have taken up the challenge of board service. The insights gained led him to the founding the Society of Nonprofit Board Directors, for which he is the Executive Director. The Society is an online professional association – a network of nonprofit board directors from around the world.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What is the importance of creating space for board members in an organization?
  • How can organizations ensure that their board members feel valued, appreciated, and supported in their roles?
  • What motivates individuals to volunteer for board positions in organizations?
  • How much time should an executive invest in developing an effective board?
  •  What role does communication play in meeting the wants and needs of board members?

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On May 13, 2023, the Society is hosting a Nonprofit Directors’ Summit, which will provide opportunities for board member education, networking, and much more.

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Mary’s book is available on Amazon or wherever books are sold:  Love Your Board! The Executive Directors’ Guide to Discovering the Sources of Nonprofit Board Troubles and What to Do About Them.

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