My guest for this episode is Maryanne Dersch. Maryanne Dersch is the influence queen of nonprofits. She coaches and trains nonprofit leaders to start getting the most out of themselves and everyone else and stop feeling burned out bummed out, or stressed out.

Can you imagine asking for anything, including money, with ease and confidence? Maryanne helps nonprofit leaders master the art of influence so they can ask for and receive all they want, need, and deserve without feeling rejected, ineffective, or pushy. Her rebel-with-a-heart approach calls you to be more influential in your life, work, and even in your own view of self.

Maryanne has spent more than 30 years helping organizations communicate more effectively internally and externally. From those experiences, she authored the award-winning book Courageous Communication: Why codependence is making your nonprofit brand boring and what to do about it.

She hosts The Influential Nonprofit podcast and the annual Donor Attraction Forum virtual event.

Maryanne’s known for her love of ultrahigh heels, extra-large Diet Cokes, and short karaoke rotations.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What exactly does “the art of influence” mean?
  • What strategies can an executive director employ to influence and lead the board effectively?
  • How crucial is the responsibility of executives to establish strong connections with the board?
  • What common mistakes do executives often make when involving their board in fundraising efforts?
  •  How does aligning the values and goals of potential board members with the organization’s mission contribute to successful recruitment?

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Mary’s book is available on Amazon or wherever books are sold:  Love Your Board! The Executive Directors’ Guide to Discovering the Sources of Nonprofit Board Troubles and What to Do About Them.

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