My guest for this episode is Salvatore Manzi. After receiving his degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas, Salvatore began working in Organizational Development, helping leaders at organizations like Deloitte, Genentech, and LinkedIn leverage communications to foster more collaborative, productive work environments.

His leadership path began in following the footsteps of his entrepreneurial father and refined through leadership roles in non-profit organizations such as the Sierra Club, SF Botanical Gardens, Shanti, and DEI Consultants of the SFBay.

After leaving Kansas, Salvatore lived in 17 cities around the globe, developing a deep appreciation for culture and how that impacts an organization. This passion influences his work, with elements of diversity & inclusion integrated into leadership programs, including his facilitating an awareness program at the World Economic Forum.

The mentors and coaches in his life inspired him to become certified as an Executive Coach, and he’s been coaching and mentoring leaders for the past 20 years. Salvatore helps leaders develop effective strategies, build their leadership presence, refine their message, and improve overall communication style to increase engagement, build relationships, and unite key stakeholders.

Currently, in Southern CA, Salvatore can often be found hiking off-trail in the mountains, volunteering at the animal shelter, and creating new flavors in his sorbet machine.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What are the three essential components of effective communication?
  • How can you establish a strong connection with your audience in a presentation or speech?
  • What potential challenges or negative outcomes can arise from poorly structured content?
  • How do speakers and presenters prepare themselves to manage anxiety and perform well in front of an audience?
  •  What are the three primary tools for delivery in the context of effective communication or presentations?

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