My guest for this episode is Dr. Renee Rubin Ross. Renee has over 20 years’ experience in education – including teaching, serving as director of a religious school and conducting research in schools. From 2011 to 2014, Ross served as a Program Officer at the Jim Joseph Foundation, which distributes ~$20 million yearly in Jewish education. She  left the Foundation to move to the “other side of the table”, serving nonprofits in a consulting role as well as focusing on education and training in the nonprofit sector.

Renee is the Director of the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program at Cal State University East Bay and teaches for the program. She works with executive directors and board members to create processes that help people feel more invested in the work.  She helps nonprofits and funders utilize the power and knowledge of their staff or board members to plan and raise more money. Renee offers consulting, training and coaching to strengthen governance and board training, strategic planning, facilitation, fund development and capacity assessment.

Her doctorate in Education and Jewish Studies from NYU focused on parent participation in schools.  In this episode, Renee and I explore adult learning and how nonprofit leaders can apply their understanding of it to tackle leadership challenges.

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