My guest for this episode is Jane Garthson. Jane has operated her consulting firm since 1992 from Toronto, Canada, serving Canadian charities, NGOs, professional and industry associations and government agencies, providing a whole array of services relevant for nonprofit leaders of all kinds.

Before that, Jane was a senior manager in six ministries of the Ontario government. Jane is dedicated to creating better communities and organizations through values-based leadership and intentional governance.

Jane served two terms as a Commissioner of horse racing in Ontario, regulating a $1.3 billion industry and learning enough administrative law to make rules, sit on tribunals and write legal decisions.

Jane recently served as Interim CEO of a nonprofit serving Indigenous youth in northern Ontario and has had previous stints as Interim Executive Director as well.

On the volunteer side, she is currently Secretary and Chair of Governance at the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust. In the past, Jane has been Chair and Founder of a national professional association, Treasurer of the national charity for therapeutic riding centres, regional professional body, President and Chair of a music festival and Treasurer of a national literary awards society.

Jane describes herself as a learning junkie who attends MANY professional development events as education and she’s an honours graduate of a university certificate course in voluntary sector leadership.

Jane and I talk about interim executives, what the role is and tips for success.

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You can connect with Jane at: Garthson Leadership Centre and read her blog on this topic at: Jane’s blog