Today’s guest is Oliver Hack. Oliver has been involved with nonprofits in a variety of roles for about 20 years. He believes that small groups of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Oliver helps start-up nonprofits launch and achieve success.  In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Difficulties in the business of doing good. Nonprofits are businesses!
  • The definition of fiscal sponsorship and how it works.
  • Who should consider it? Who is NOT a good candidate for it?
  • The specifics of some of the models Oliver has available.
  • Being a sponsor is a big responsibility. It might cause some friction if done wrong, so tread carefully!

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About Oliver Hack:  Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and for the past twenty years a San Francisco, CA resident, Oliver Hack has spent his career in the nonprofit and public sectors. Oliver has run direct service programs, lead nonprofits, consulted with nonprofit boards and worked in a variety of content areas including youth and community development as well as affordable housing. Oliver spent six years working for the City and County of San Francisco as the Chief Operating Officer of the Mayor’s Office of Housing as well as serving as a grant maker and policy analyst with the SF Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Oliver believes all people have a charitable instinct- an impulse to do good. Providing opportunities for people to bring their charitable ideas into the world has been a constant pursuit throughout his career and in his current work at the Social Good Fund, where he is Director of Fiscal Sponsorship.

He holds a MA in Nonprofit Arts Administration from Golden Gate University, California, and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer where he served in a rural town assisting with public health activities.

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