My guest for this episode is Rachel Sacks. Rachel brings over a decade of experience in the public health and nonprofit health sector to her current consulting company: Leading Healthy Futures.

Rachel’s work with organizations and stakeholders across the healthcare field has provided her with a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities the sector faces. Her prior work has included roles at the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Chicago Department of Public Health, and the Center for Jewish Genetics.

She helps clients conceptualize, define, and actualize new ideas for grant opportunities and partnerships, and is adept at translating complex scientific, medical, and policy information into easily understandable language for lay audiences. Rachel is also a skilled facilitator who regularly leads state and local planning processes and has presented at national conferences.

Rachel graduated Cum Laude from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Science in Human Culture and holds a Master of Public Health from UIC.

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