My guest for this episode is Sherry Quam Taylor. Sherry has over 13 years of experience with nonprofits: as a volunteer, staff, and on boards. Sherry has had her own business helping nonprofits for eight years. 

She teaches nonprofit leaders how to pivot from a heavy dependence on program, government, and event gifts and into securing large, investment-level donations from individuals so they can finally fund their missions. The leaders she works with are experts in their field, but when it comes to individual donor fundraising, they’ve simply never been trained on how to do it, so it feels uncomfortable and frustrating. 

She helps them learn the exact steps to launch a mid- and major level gift program that feels comfortable, involves less dread, and fully funds their mission for the long-haul. She does this nationally through her private coaching, 90-day LET’S GROW fundraising accelerator, and professional development courses.

Here’s what to expect during the episode.

  • The results of Sherry’s extensive research on what Development Directors need.
  • Discovering the need to provide and training for nonprofits especially this year.
  • Why one should look into creating a wonderful donor experience. 
  • Challenges in allocating time and resources to the right strategy for better results.
  • Tackling the mystery of finding individual donors.
  • Educating board members about what fundraising really looks like.

You can contact Sherry via email and see her website at 

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