My guest today is Steven Bowman.  Steven is a seasoned Board adviser, with a great depth of experience and skill facilitating Board reviews and strategic planning process. He has held numerous senior executive, CEO and Board positions with some of the USA and Australia’s most prestigious organizations, as well as authoring and co-authoring over 14 books on governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership.

Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of strategic awareness, Steven has built a reputation around the world as an adviser who empowers his clients by offering multiple perspectives on any given challenge.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

“The board’s role is to make the choices that create the future for the communities you serve.”

  • What are the various kinds of people that make boards go off-track? Learn to deal with bad behavior instead of being too “polite”.
  • The importance of knowing your vision statement and its relationship to making decisions and asking questions.
  • What is the culture you need for the organization, and how do you know you’re meeting that goal?

“Are you doing this to prove, or are you doing this to create?”

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