My guest today is Heather Burright. She is the founder of Skill Masters Market, which specializes in creating dynamic, people-centric solutions for your organization’s most important asset – your human capital. Leveraging 15 years of experience, Heather partners with organizations to create solutions that align with their business goals, exceed their expectations, and meet their needs.

Heather’s unique approach taps into big picture thinking – what are the organization’s strategic goals and what will people need to do to meet those goals – while also keeping a sharp detail focus. Her expertise in instructional design and change management principles in the non-profit space allows her to provide the necessary structure and strategic direction to any human capital project. 

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • The importance for organizations to look at the kind of professional development their staff is getting, especially during the pandemic.
  • Information can be a nudge but does not necessarily cause a behavioral change.
  • A classroom environment should be relevant and practical, not just engagement for engagement’s sake.
  • An example of the impact that the right implementation of virtual classrooms can make.
  • The significant differences between virtual training and in-person training.  ~

You can see Heather on her website and on her LinkedIn profile  

See her Three Tips for Virtual Facilitation here:

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