My guest today is Daniel Hodges. Daniel is the President & Co-founder of Peaces of Me Foundation, and a JD candidate attending University of Baltimore School of Law. Previously, Daniel volunteered in various roles, including teaching at his church. He also volunteered with the National Federation of the Blind.

Daniel received his BA in educational studies from Western Governor’s University. While pursuing this degree, 2 of his 3 children underwent chemo for a rare form of eye cancer inherited from their mother. Daniel’s daughter was born needing immediate treatment for her cancer. My former wife and I spent the first several weeks of her life dealing with this while the State of Colorado formally evaluated our ability to parent – threatening loss of custody – solely based upon our blindness.

Both children turned out fine.

Most of his advocacy experience has been obtained through informal interactions; helping friends and family navigate through various hurdles. These experiences are what led him to pursue a law degree, and ultimately launch Peaces of Me.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • Daniel’s process of starting his nonprofit from scratch.
  • The impact of entertaining the possibility that doing things differently could bring significant improvement.
  • Understanding that all people, regardless of disability, are human beings with varying attributes that can benefit a board.
  • Creating “universal access” is not as cumbersome as others may have thought.
  • Tips for nonprofit leaders who want to recruit staff or board members with disabilities.


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