Kelly Nagle has devoted her life to advocating for social justice and empowering others.  For over a decade, Kelly worked for some of the leading nonprofits in the country managing teams and organizations, advocating for health equity, building grassroots fundraising campaigns and implementing community health programs.

Past positions include Executive Director with the March of Dimes, Vice President of Development for Greater NYC with the American Lung Association and Executive Director of Susan G. Komen North Jersey.

As Executive Director of Komen North Jersey, Kelly was responsible for translating the organization’s mission and vision into a strategic plan that met decreased barriers to healthcare access through advocacy and grant funding, equity-based programs, and community education.

Under Kelly’s leadership Komen North Jersey’s work to reduce breast cancer disparities and advocate to reduce out of pocket prescription drug costs was recognized with the Healthcare

Institute of New Jersey’s Patient Access and Advocacy Award.  Kelly was also elected by her peers to the Affiliate Leadership Council to represent the interests of 60+ affiliates with the national office.

In January 2020, Kelly followed her passions for global policy and social justice by cofounding Teen Think Tank Project, a student-run policy institute for high achieving high school students. Teen Think Tank Project fosters critical thinking, research techniques, and problem solving to develop policy frameworks for real-life issues and empower students to become future changemakers.

Kelly is also the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Kelly Nagle LLC.  Kelly is dedicated to self-empowerment and guiding individuals towards finding the courage and confidence to fulfill their life’s purpose. Through the uplifting community, Uncharted Community, Kelly is helping clients navigate life’s challenges and live the best version of themselves.  Kelly shares her self-empowerment expertise as contributing author in Engaging Experts: Your Guide to the People and Connections You Need to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

In addition to her start-up endeavors, Kelly is a certified group TRX instructor. She holds an MA from Rutgers University in Political Science—United Nations and Global Policy.

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