My guest for this episode is Bill Woolsey. Bill is the President and Founder of FiveTwo Network, a network that equips faith-based entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable start-ups.  FiveTwo also provides strategic consulting services for non-profits, congregations and denominations, repositioning ministries to reach new populations.

Bill’s entire pastoral ministry of almost 34 years has centered on starting new ministries and worship services that especially serve people who deem the local church out of touch and irrelevant.

In 1997 Bill and his family planted CrossPoint Community Church outside of Houston, a multi-site congregation that led his denomination in growth for most of the 2000s.

Bill began leading FiveTwo Network full-time in 2015 when the network launched StartNew, its training process. As the world around our churches is changing, the entrepreneurial leaders who know how to reach it often go unnoticed and unappreciated. StartNew trains those men and women to grow their God-given dreams into ministries, non-profits, and faith-based businesses that make a difference in financially sustainable ways.

StartNew training is available in a variety of on-demand formats. It has produced new and renewed churches, homeless shelters, mobile medical clinics, mobile food ministries to underserved communities, and much more.

Bill authored “Seven Steps to Start,” a practical ‘how-to-start’ book written from a front-row seat of over 30 years of startup experience. He currently authors a weekday two-minute devotion titled “Two Minute Multipliers.”

After starting his undergraduate work at Texas A&M in electrical engineering and computer science, he then transferred to a pre-seminary route. Bill received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO in 1987 and served congregations in a variety of roles for the next decade.

Bill and his wife of 36 years, Julie, live in the hill country outside Austin, Texas. They have 3 children and two grandchildren who Bill claims are the best grandchildren in the universe.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • What are some critical factors to success for starting an organization?
  • Developing the right understanding and expectations when building a nonprofit.
  • The essential ingredients for a successful team – it all starts with the cause and values!
  • The significance of utilizing your strengths and building around your weaknesses in leadership.
  • Seeing the relational aspect of teamwork. Do you enjoy working with your team? Do you love them?


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