My guest today is Jessica R. Munoz. Jessica is a clinical emergency/trauma nurse practitioner, and she is the Founder & CEO of Hoʻōla Nā Pua Pua (HNP), which means “New life for our children”, a nonprofit organization whose mission is the prevention of child sex trafficking and providing care for youth who have been exploited. Rooted on the “justice gene in her DNA”, Jessica’s passion to “forever shine the light” into the dark places and watch new life come forth shapes her vision and life’s mission.

She has 16 years of healthcare experience, entrepreneurship, community advocacy, transformational systems change, and leadership. She has built multiple partnerships across diverse sectors, both public and private, to bring a unified response and resources to ending the exploitation of children through a public health and systems change lens.

Over the past 14 years, she has published articles and provided training and strategies on prevention, identification, intervention, and response for hundreds of healthcare professionals, service providers, law enforcement, and community leaders. She works closely with the judiciary, district attorneys, and state, federal, and local law enforcement to help shape a multi-disciplinary collaborative response to trafficked youth and young adults in Hawaii and beyond.

Since 2009, Jessica and her team have been driving the anti-trafficking movement in the Hawaiian Islands, the Pacific, and across the national landscape. Her passion to serve exploited children and her pursuit of a comprehensive understanding of their needs have fostered her role as a trainer and advisor in Cameroon, Africa, with Vital Voices Global Partnership. She has also provided training on trauma-informed survivor-centered care, medical services, and multidisciplinary building teams in Samoa, Cambodia, Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Africa, and Thailand.

Jessica envisioned, developed, and opened Pearl Haven—Hawaii’s first residential treatment campus for sexually exploited teenage girls. A model of care that has gained national attention and recognition.

Of note, she and her team worked with CBS and the executive producers of the TV show Hawaii Five-0 to bring awareness through their 2017 episode, which highlights the issue of child sex trafficking in Hawaii and the work being done by Jessica’s organization. This episode had over 8.9 million viewers in the first viewing and multiple PSAs created by the cast to help spread awareness.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

What are the things to consider when starting a nonprofit organization?
How can you make a nonprofit successful?
What motivates a person to create a nonprofit organization?
What are the challenges when starting a nonprofit?
Why is it essential for leaders to take care of themselves?

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